I've got to get it out!!!

基本、ロックサウンドは好きです。でも一言でロックと言っても色々ありますけどね。私は「オトナなロック」が子供の頃から好きでした(笑)小学生からEAGLES, TOTO, などのウェストコースト系からハードなVan Halen, KISS, AEROSMITH,DEEP PURPLE も大好きだったし、QUEENも更にポップスロックのジャンルになるとブライアンアダムス、ジャーニー、とにかくアメリカではラジオから流れてくる心地いいメロディに癒されてました。 家でも車でもとにかくラジオは常にON!「寝るなら消しなさい!」ってよく母に叱られたっけ。アハハ・・・


「On Air Resort」の捉え方はひとそれぞれなのかもしれませんがね。

I'm hoping to make things better with my show,,,, people think I'm the one who choses those songs to be played on my show... but it' s not so, it's never that way but with all other shows that I've done in the past, staff knew what I preferred and what kind of sounds that my listeners wanted to hear on my show.
Unfortunately. that ' s not how it is on this show. I rather play more and I really mean more GOOD music with great grooves. I have to fight it every week & that's what's making my stress grow bigger & bigger and my medication bills are going bigger as well , damn.
I wish I had other choice but I guess this is one way to get my stress out of me. If you can understand what I wrote here, let me know what you think of my show. Personally I enjoy listening to songs played on shows before and after my show!!
by sanoeri | 2007-06-09 23:19 | Private